The Red Velvet Lounge is pioneering a new style of café with a strong ethical commitment. Isabel and Joe and our charming service staff are your hosts in the picturesque Huon Valley where you will be able to feast on excellent food and celebrate the great fresh tastes of the region. Vegan and Gluten Free options are always available.

We bring you a café with heart that meets our three ethical pillars:

~ Local, Seasonal, Vegetarian ~

rvl cake

All our dishes celebrate local produce foremost, we develop relationships with our producers and you will too! Wherever possible we source specialty produce from the Huon Valley and surrounding fertile region. We celebrate the bountiful harvests of each season and the region’s excellent smaller dairy operations. All drinks are of course Tasmanian too, we don’t believe you can get any better. Our wine and beer selections are selected from Tasmania’s own celebrated wineries, distilleries and micro breweries.

The Red Velvet Lounge has for many years been at the heart of cygnet, as a space where locals meet and mingle. We welcome the community to share with us in the new iteration of this famous café, which has long been an icon of the town.

Back to the basics. Food as it should be. Food that tastes fresh. We believe taste comes first, and that’s why our menu will reflect the seasons. Shopping seasonally does keep us on our toes, and means we are often substituting menu favourites for something new and fresh. Tasmania has such an abundance of excellent seasonal fruit and vegetables on offer. The menu will change each season, which means you can expect new tastes each time you visit us at the Red Velvet Lounge. We will often be serving up specials and preserves to ensure we can make full use of the produce when it is at its peak.

So why did we decide to go vegetarian? Well we are not ones for labels and we are reluctant to use the term “cruelty free” when referring to vegan and vegetarian food as we don’t believe cruelty begins and end with meat production, but we do believe the most environmentally responsible thing we can do is to have a more vegetarian diet. Cygnet being home to many of the best fruit and vegetable producers in the state makes it the perfect home for a café that showcases this produce and has menu offerings that everyone can enjoy. We also happily cater to any dietary requirements and always stock a range of Gluten Free and Vegan options.

Kind to the Planet
Although it didn’t make it into our tagline, it is another reason The Red Velvet Lounge is exploring new frontiers in food and beverage service. When planning we always ask ourselves: ‘What impact will this have on the precious resources of our planet?’ We make sure everything we do at the café has the smallest environmental footprint possible, we often make decisions to not stock food or drinks that we believe contribute too much waste product or are not made to high ethical standards. Every little bit counts, please help us by being patient if we do not have exactly what you are after, and let us delight you with something new that is helping us to minimise our waste, purchase ethically and support local economies.

~ Local, Seasonal, Vegetarian ~